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The Warner Institute for Education in Democracy, named for the late Sen. Jerome Warner, is a collection of civic education programs provided to teachers and students across Nebraska. It is hoped that students who participate in these programs will gain a greater understanding of their role as citizens and an appreciation for representative democracy. To learn more information or participate in one of our civic education programs, email the or call (402) 471-2788.

America's Legislators Back to School Program: Sponsored by the National Conference of State Legislatures, this program brings senators into the classroom to visit with students about lawmaking and democracy. Since the program's inception in 2000, Nebraska senators have visited more than 70,000 students across the state.

Capitol Classroom: This is a unique curriculum that teaches students about the nation’s only unicameral legislature by providing a committee hearing simulation, floor debate simulation and public policy development exercise.

Unicameral Kids: This teaching tool is designed for use in a classroom of fourth-graders. Featuring videos, coloring pages and fun facts about the Legislature, the site prepares students for an upcoming field trip to the Capitol.

Unicameral Youth Legislature: The Unicameral Youth Legislature combines a three-day legislative simulation with leadership-building and social activities to help young Nebraskans better understand the workings of our representative democracy. The youth legislature, designed for high school students, takes place at the Nebraska State Capitol and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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