Nebraska Revised Statute 10-701

Revised Statutes » Chapter 10 » 10-701
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10-701. Issuance; purposes; power of district officers.

The district officers of any school district in Nebraska shall have power, on the terms and conditions set forth in sections 10-702 to 10-716, to issue the bonds of the district for the purpose of (1) purchasing a site for and erecting thereon a schoolhouse or schoolhouses or a teacherage or teacherages, or for such purchase or erection, or purchasing an existing building or buildings for use as a schoolhouse or schoolhouses, including the site or sites upon which such building or buildings are located, and furnishing the same, in such district, (2) retiring registered warrants, and (3) paying for additions to or repairs for a schoolhouse or schoolhouses or a teacherage or teacherages.


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Procedure for issuance of bonds by school district is authorized. State ex rel. School Dist. v. Board of Equalization, 166 Neb. 785, 90 N.W.2d 421 (1958).

Posted notices of election to vote school bonds is sufficient in districts of less than one hundred fifty pupils. Union P. R. R. Co. v. School Dist. No. 9, of Merrick County, 114 Neb. 578, 208 N.W. 738 (1926).

Prior to 1879, upon division of school district which was subject to bonded indebtedness, territory detached from district was liable for its proportionate share of indebtedness. Manahan v. Adams County, 77 Neb. 829, 110 N.W. 860 (1906).

Where every voter then in the district was present at school meeting at which bonds were voted, lack of request for calling of special meeting and want of notice did not invalidate bonds. State ex rel. Hopper v. School Dist. No. 13 of Webster County, 13 Neb. 466, 14 N.W. 382 (1882).