Nebraska Revised Statute 35-1317

Revised Statutes » Chapter 35 » 35-1317
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35-1317. Service award benefit; how paid; exempt from judicial process.

(1) The service award benefit received by a qualifying participant or beneficiary shall, at the option of the recipient, be in the form of an annuity or lump-sum benefit. No portion of any annual account shall be subject to attachment, garnishment, execution, or other judicial process for the satisfaction of a debt or claim against any participant or beneficiary and assignments or transfers of any portion shall be void.

(2) The service award benefit paid to a participant or beneficiary qualifying pursuant to section 35-1312 or 35-1313 shall be the participant's or beneficiary's nonforfeitable share of all annual accounts upon the date of his or her qualification for the service award benefit.


    Laws 1999, LB 849, ยง 17.