Nebraska Revised Statute 67-242

Revised Statutes » Chapter 67 » 67-242
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67-242. Cancellation of certificate.

A certificate of limited partnership shall be canceled upon the dissolution and the completion of winding up of the partnership or at any other time there are no limited partners. A certificate of cancellation (1) shall be executed by all general partners or, if the general partners are not winding up the limited partnership's affairs, then by all liquidating trustees, except that if the limited partners are winding up the limited partnership's affairs, a certificate of cancellation shall be signed by a majority of the limited partners, (2) shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State, and (3) shall set forth:

(i) The name of the limited partnership;

(ii) The date of filing of its certificate of limited partnership;

(iii) The reason for filing the certificate of cancellation;

(iv) The effective date, which shall be a date certain, of cancellation if it is not to be effective upon the filing of the certificate; and

(v) Any other information the persons filing the certificate determine.


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