Nebraska Revised Statute 74-1314

Chapter 74 Section 1314


Political subdivision; determine need for railroad crossing safety measure; notice to railroad; priority.

When any political subdivision of this state determines that public safety will be improved by eliminating a crossing, by the installation, substantial modification, or improvement of automatic railroad grade crossing protection, or by construction of an overpass or underpass where a street, road, or highway intersects with a line of the railroad company within its jurisdiction, and demand is made upon the railroad company concerned, the political subdivision shall inform the Department of Roads of such fact.

Upon receiving such notice, or upon its own determination, the Department of Roads shall forthwith examine the crossing concerned, in conjunction with representatives of the political subdivision, to determine whether the position of such crossing on the priority list established under section 74-1312 should be adjusted.


  • Laws 1979, LB 42, § 5.