Nebraska Revised Statute 74-1427

Chapter 74 Section 1427


Political subdivision; expend local tax funds; election; procedure.

(1) If the governing body of a political subdivision determines that it is necessary or beneficial for the vitality of such political subdivision to expend local tax funds for rehabilitation or improvement of a light-density rail line or rail facility construction, including the issuance of bonds, the governing body shall by resolution place the proposition for such expenditure or bond issue on the general or primary election ballot or in odd-numbered years only call for a special election in such political subdivision for the purpose of approving such expenditure of local tax funds.

(2) The resolution calling for the election and the election notice shall show the proposed purpose for which such local tax funds will be expended and the amount of money sought.

(3) Notice of the election shall state the date the election is to be held and the hours the polls will be open. Such notice shall be published in a newspaper that is published in or of general circulation in such political subdivision at least once each week for three weeks prior to such election. If no such newspaper exists, notice shall be posted in at least three public places in the political subdivision for at least three weeks prior to such election.

(4) The proposition appearing on the ballot in any election shall state the purpose for which such local tax funds will be spent, the amount of local tax funds to be so expended, and the source from which the revenue will be raised. Such proposition shall be adopted if approved by a majority of those voting in such election.

(5) If a special election is called, the governing body shall prescribe the form of the ballot to be used.

(6) For purposes of this section:

(a) Facility means the track, ties, roadbed, and related structures, including terminals, team tracks and appurtenances, bridges, tunnels, and other structures used or usable for rail service operations;

(b) Light-density rail line means any rail line classified as a light-density line by the United States Department of Transportation;

(c) Rail facility construction means the construction of rail or rail-related facilities, including new connections between two or more existing lines, intermodal freight terminals, sidings, and relocation of existing lines, for the purpose of improving the quality and efficiency of rail freight service; and

(d) Rehabilitation or improvement means replacing, repairing, or upgrading, to the extent necessary to permit adequate and efficient rail freight service, facilities needed to provide service on a rail line.