Nebraska Revised Statute 77-2701.55

Chapter 77 Section 2701.55


Admission, defined.

(1) Admission means the right or privilege to have access to a place or location where amusement, entertainment, or recreation is provided to an audience, spectators, or the participants in the activity. Admission includes a membership that allows access to or use of a place or location, but which membership does not include the right to hold office, vote, or change the policies of the organization.

(2) For purposes of this section:

(a) Access to a place or location means the right to be in the place or location for purposes of amusement, entertainment, or recreation at a time when the general public is not allowed at that place or location absent the granting of the admission;

(b) Entertainment means the amusement or diversion provided to an audience or spectators by performers; and

(c) Recreation means a sport or activity engaged in by participants for purposes of refreshment, relaxation, or diversion of the participants. Recreation does not include practice or instruction.

(3) Admission does not include the lease or rental of a location, facility, or part of a location or facility if the lessor cedes the right to determine who is granted access to the location or facility to the lessee for the period of the lease or rental.