Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1066



Plant diseases, insect pests; assent to resolution of Congress; county general fund available for pest control.

The State of Nebraska hereby assents to public resolution No. 91, 75th Congress, Chapter 192, 3d session, S. J. Res. 256, as approved May 9, 1938, by a joint resolution entitled Joint Resolution making funds available for the control of incipient or emergency outbreaks of insect pests or plant diseases, including grasshoppers, Mormon crickets, and chinch bugs, and the several counties of the State of Nebraska are hereby authorized and empowered to expend money from the general funds of the county for the control and eradication of insect pests and plant diseases whenever, in the judgment of the county boards, the control or eradication of such pests becomes necessary for the protection of the agricultural or horticultural crops within the county. The expenditures authorized in this section from the general funds of the several counties may be made to purchase materials or equipment, to lease buildings for storage of material and equipment, or to hire labor needed for a control program in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture of the State of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, or the United States Department of Agriculture.


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