Nebraska Revised Statute 21-20,123



Repealed. Laws 2014, LB749, § 298; Laws 2015, LB157, § 10. Operative date January 1, 2017. Articles of incorporation; amendment pursuant to reorganization.

(1) A corporation's articles of incorporation may be amended without action by the board of directors or shareholders to carry out a plan of reorganization ordered or decreed by a court of competent jurisdiction under federal statute if the articles of incorporation after amendment contain only provisions required or permitted by section 21-2018.

(2) The individual or individuals designated by the court shall deliver to the Secretary of State for filing articles of amendment setting forth:

(a) The name of the corporation;

(b) The text of each amendment approved by the court;

(c) The date of the court's order or decree approving the articles of amendment;

(d) The title of the reorganization proceeding in which the order or decree was entered; and

(e) A statement that the court had jurisdiction of the proceeding under federal statute.

(3) Shareholders of a corporation undergoing reorganization shall not have dissenters' rights except as and to the extent provided in the reorganization plan.

(4) This section shall not apply after entry of a final decree in the reorganization proceeding even though the court retains jurisdiction of the proceeding for limited purposes unrelated to consummation of the reorganization plan.


  • Laws 1995, LB 109, § 123.