Nebraska Revised Statute 60-4,127



Motorcycle operation; Class M license required; issuance; examination.

(1) No person shall operate a motorcycle on the alleys or highways of the State of Nebraska until such person has obtained a Class M license. No such license shall be issued until the applicant has (a) met the vision and physical requirements established under section 60-4,118 for operation of a motor vehicle and (b) successfully completed an examination, including the actual operation of a motorcycle, prescribed by the director, except that the required examination may be waived, including the actual operation of a motorcycle, if the applicant presents proof of successful completion of a motorcycle safety course under the Motorcycle Safety Education Act within the immediately preceding twenty-four months.

(2) Upon presentation of an issuance certificate, the county treasurer shall collect the fee and surcharge for a Class M license as prescribed by section 60-4,115 and issue a receipt with driving privileges which is valid for up to thirty days. The license shall be delivered as provided in section 60-4,113. If the applicant is the holder of an operator's license, the county treasurer shall, upon receipt of the issuance certificate, have endorsed on the license the authorization to operate a motorcycle. Fees for Class M licenses shall be as provided by section 60-4,115.


Cross References

  • Motorcycle Safety Education Act, see section 60-2120.