Nebraska Revised Statute 77-5534



Application; contents; fee; confidentiality.

(1) In order for the company to be eligible for the wage benefit credit or the investment tax credit, as applicable, the company shall file an application for an agreement with the board.

(2) The application shall contain:

(a) The exact name of the company and any related companies which will be included in the project;

(b) A statement describing, in detail, the nature of the company's business, including the products sold and respective markets;

(c) A detailed narrative that describes the proposed project, including how the company intends to attain and maintain the job and investment requirements and the expected start date for the project;

(d) A request that the company be considered for approval under the Invest Nebraska Act;

(e) If more than one location within this state is to be involved in the project, sufficient documentation to show that the employment and investment at the different locations are interdependent parts of the project plan;

(f) A copy of the company's authorization for the project;

(g) A copy of the company's most recent financial report, federal income tax return, Nebraska income tax return, Nebraska reconciliation of income tax withheld, and Nebraska sales and use tax identification number;

(h) The expected number of base-year employees, the expected number of new employees, the expected timing of the hiring of the new employees, the anticipated timing and amounts of new investment in buildings and equipment, and the average salaries expected by category for the new employees to be employed at the project;

(i) A copy of the written policy of the company which prohibits the company from requiring as a condition of employment or promotion at the project that an employee or an individual applying for employment at the project submit to a genetic test or provide genetic information outside of the scope of normal blood testing; and

(j) A five-thousand-dollar nonrefundable application fee payable to the Department of Revenue. The fee shall be remitted to the Nebraska Incentives Fund.

(3) Any representations made by the company, or the company's representatives, during the meeting before the board shall become a part of the application. The application and all supporting information and information received during a closed session of the board shall be confidential except for the name of the company, the location of the project, the amounts of increased employment and investment, and whether the application has been approved. The confidential information contained in an application shall be discussed only in a closed session of the board, unless the company waives its right to confidentiality in writing. The members of the board will respect the confidentiality of the information received and will not disclose any confidential information regarding the company to any person other than the representatives of the company, the Tax Commissioner, or other employees of the Department of Revenue, except as specifically provided in the Invest Nebraska Act. Any applications, or parts of applications, provided to the members of the board shall be numbered copies and shall be delivered to the offices of the board members in a double envelope. All applications, or parts of applications, shall be returned to the department at the conclusion of the meeting.