Nebraska Revised Statute 77-5535



Board; quorum; meetings; procedures.

(1) Any two members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of the board. The Governor shall be the chairperson of the board. The address of the board is the Department of Revenue.

(2)(a) The Tax Commissioner is designated as the secretary of the board with the following responsibilities: The scheduling of a meeting when an application is to be considered; the publishing of the notices of the meeting according to the Invest Nebraska Act; the keeping of the minutes of the meetings and other records of the board; the notification of the applicant of the decision of the board; the receiving and entering into the record any written testimony concerning an application; and the consenting on behalf of the board to an extension of time within which the board is to make a decision.

(b) The Tax Commissioner shall give at least ten days' notice of meetings by publication in at least six newspapers across the state. The Tax Commissioner shall also give notice of meetings by publication in a newspaper that is local to the project area. A copy of the notice shall be posted in the State Capitol and a state office building in Lincoln. A copy of the notice shall be sent to the company. A news release shall be distributed by the Tax Commissioner.

(c) The Tax Commissioner shall notify the company in writing as to whether the board has approved or not approved the application. The board shall decide and such notice shall be mailed within sixty days after receipt of the application, unless such time is extended by mutual written consent of the Tax Commissioner and the company.

(3) The meeting of the board shall be recorded by a court reporter. The closed portion of the meeting shall be also recorded, and the record of that portion shall be sealed. The only persons who may attend the closed session of the board are the members of the board, the representatives of the company, other persons invited at the request of the company, the Tax Commissioner, other employees of the Department of Revenue, and the court reporter. Other persons, as necessary, may be invited by the board for the purpose of providing specific, confidential information. However, they may only attend the portion of the meeting necessary to provide the information requested by the board.