Nebraska Revised Statute 77-5540



Transactions and activities excluded.

The following transactions or activities shall not create an investment, result in an increase in the number of new employees, or create any wage benefit credits or investment tax credits under the Invest Nebraska Act except as specifically allowed by this section:

(1) The acquisition of a business located in this state which is continued by the company and which was operated in this state during the three hundred sixty-six days prior to the date of application or the date of acquisition, whichever is later. All of the employees of the acquired business during such period shall be considered base-year employees. Any investment in the acquisition of such business shall be deemed to have been made before the date of application;

(2) The moving of a business from one location in this state to another, which business was operated in this state during the three hundred sixty-six days prior to the date of application. All employees of the business during such three hundred sixty-six days who become employed at the project shall be deemed base-year employees;

(3) The purchase or lease of any property which was previously owned by the company or a related person. The first purchase by either the company or a related person shall be treated as investment if the item was first placed in service in this state after the date of the application;

(4) The renegotiation of any lease in existence on the date of application which does not materially change any of the terms of the lease, other than the expiration date, shall be presumed to be a transaction entered into for the purpose of generating benefits under the act and shall not be allowed in the computation of the meeting of any required levels of investment under the agreement;

(5) Any purchase or lease of property from a related person, except that the company will be allowed benefits under the act to which the related person would have been entitled on the purchase or lease of the property if the related person was considered the company; and

(6) Any transaction entered into primarily for the purpose of receiving benefits under the act which is without a business purpose and does not result in increased economic activity in this state.