Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1902

Revised Statutes » Chapter 81 » 81-1902
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81-1902. Sections; purpose; how construed.

It is the purpose of sections 81-1901 to 81-1936 to regulate all persons who purport to be able to detect deception or to verify truth of statements through the use of instrumentation, such as lie detectors, polygraphs, deceptographs, psychological stress evaluators, or voice analyzers. Sections 81-1901 to 81-1936 shall be liberally construed to regulate all such persons using such instruments. No person who purports to be able to detect deception or to verify the truth of statements through instrumentation shall be exempt from sections 81-1901 to 81-1936 because of the terminology which he or she may use to refer to himself or herself, to an instrument used, or to services provided. Sections 81-1901 to 81-1936 shall not be interpreted to prohibit the legitimate use of any of the instruments listed in this section for research purposes.


    Laws 1980, LB 485, ยง 2.