Nebraska Revised Statute 87-210



Trade name; application for registration; requirements; Secretary of State.

(1) Subject to the limitations set forth in sections 87-208 to 87-219.01, any person who adopts a trade name for use in this state may file in the office of the Secretary of State on a form furnished by the Secretary of State an application, in duplicate, for registration of the trade name setting forth, but not limited to, the following information:

(a) The name and street address of the applicant for registration and, if a corporation or other type of business entity, the state of incorporation or organization;

(b) The trade name sought to be registered;

(c) The general nature of the business in fact conducted by the applicant;

(d) The length of time during which the trade name has been used in this state;

(e) The signature of the applicant; and

(f) A filing fee of one hundred dollars.

(2) Upon compliance by the applicant with the requirements of sections 87-208 to 87-219.01, the Secretary of State shall return the duplicate copy stamped with the date of filing to the applicant or the representative submitting the applications for filing.